Four Tet/Jon Hopkins/Gold Panda @ Webster Hall 10.22.10

Kieran grinning as crowd gives him some love

CMJ weekend opened with us high-fiving the Universe for dropping some of the UK's premier electronic producers into one show for our enjoyment.

...Only we wouldn't know the full extent of this show's awesomeness until after days, even weeks! after.

The Cheep, the Snail and the Moz entered Webster Hall in the middle of Gold Panda's set to find the hooded beat architect working his science in front a starry black backdrop and blue lights --an ambiance perfect for this lineup of dudes with some dope chilled-out, oft times whimsical dance tracks worthy night listening in their repertoire.

Gold Panda's set was good, real good but we were all some kind of tired and/or sick mode and our anxiety to get the Four Tet set on and over with took away from that a bit. This feeling could have been averted if we would've just listened to him prior like we intended because his debut album Lucky Shiner is amaziiiiiiiiing! WE KNOW THAT NOW!

Jon Hopkins took the stage shortly after, also blind to his greatness this ehh feeling continued. To remedy, Snail and I started joking around about being T-Rex and which college students in audience we would violently massacre with our giant tails, trillions of sharp teeth and abnormally short arms. In the midst of our way too hilarious hateration, we got shut right the eff up when Hopkins started playing "Wire" as Snail shed light on previously. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-?! These are the moments we live for.

When Jon's portion of the dance party ended, his Four Tetness, Kieran Hebden helped him get his stuff packed up and we caught a rare glimpse of musician BFFness in action, smiles and all, and melted accordingly. Then T-Rex rage returned when a fanboy ran up to the barricade to "exchange info" with Mr. Hopkins. Jon was being super sweet and appreciative so we had a problem with this for him haha. "LEAVE HIM BE!" we thought. The next day in fangirl hindsight we thought "ZOMG HE WAS SO CLOSE TO US! BAH! ;_;" and so it goes.

Herr Hebden, a man of few words and tomfoolery came on and immediately did his thing. Snail died a couple of times minimum, for he is the wind under her adoring wings and we danced and danced to tracks from There is Love in You (fuck yea "Angel Echoes" "Love Cry" and "Plastic People") and remixes. We were sent up for a twirl when he did his mix of Rocketnumbernine's "Matthew and Toby"! Major goosebump business. At least in our corner of the crowd, it seemed as though we were the only one who even knew the track and went nuts. It was the best do-over, evarrrr.

Believe it or not I'm walking on air/ I never thought I could feel so freeee

What did we learn from this experience:

-Four Tet killed our souls again cementing his place in repeated attendance at his shows for life.

-Jon Hopkins is mind-blowing and kinda looks like Jonny Greenwood.

-Should probably check out more artists before seeing them at shows so we don't become impatient dum-dums.

-College kids easily mistake a dance concert for a rave and expect people to be "rolling face" get upset when no one is and look awfully sad when they are.

-We hate (most) people (until proven awesome) and exorcise this in ridiculous great (to us?) ways.

Listen to Gold Panda's album Lucky Shiner here
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Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Epic October/British Invasion saga featuring Everything Everything!


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