Thievery Corporation/Massive Attack @ Beacon Theater 10.21.10

Massive Attack (press still)

Double headlining bill of goodness, oh yes.

Our first visit to the posh Beacon Theater wowed us with its ushers and red and gold motif, grandiose sculptures of tigers and deity-like Amazonian women, orchestra and balcony sections and beautiful giant glass chandelier in the center of the ceiling. It felt as if we should be dressed up for some black-tie affair. But alas we were only going to see two of the innovative electronic artists of our age in casual wear.

The show began promptly at 9pm with Thievery Corp. running down their list of eclectic greatest hits they're oh so loved for. We're not deeply familiar with their repertoire, we're more recognize by ear kind of fans but we had boners over the live sitar and their set was quite lively and enjoyable.

The lull between bands was nuts because we were absolutely ready for Massive Attack and they could not come out fast enough, so hyper hyper. ROBERRRRTOOOOOO!

For our second collective Massive Attack concierto it must be said that even though we were all the way up in the balcony, we had tons of room as were in the first row of our section and seats we could sit in and have a view of the stage. It beat standing surrounded by tall people in a cramped GA floor a lo Terminal 5. We had a great but distant overhead view of the stage so we were able to see Robert "3D" Del Naja's every move (last time it made me sad when I wouldn't be able to see what he was doing for whatever reason).

The night's set was comparatively shorter, however, about an 1.5 hours ( I guess this is what happens when you double headline at a venue with a curfew). Daddy G spent most of the time in the background, no Tunde AGAIN (what the hell is HE so busy with?!), no "Invade Me" and the sound on "Girl, I Love You" was still too low but we danced our butts off to it anyway.

In an act of funny fangirly thinking we contemplated how lucky the ladies who are touring with Robert and Grant are since they get to spend every day with them. If we were them, we'd be flirting our butts off with 3D and he would be uncomfortable and actively stay away from us and pretend to like us while performing. In less creepy acts of fangirlism, we also squealed at his little leggy dance.

We went on a pee-pee break during "Teardrop" and I almost ran out of the ladies' with my pants undone because "Mezzanine" --my favorite MA track to hear live -- had started but we made it before the song progressed much. To our delight they ripped it up once again with the refreshing "Atlas Air" extended mix finale and then we scurried out with Mozzy like little elated mice from the fancy theater into the big city night.


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