Epic Moments: Accidental Stare Contest With Spencer Krug

Spencer Krug by Davoud D

When we went to see our first Wolf Parade show at Warsaw in Brooklyn on a beautiful-but-humid summer day back in 2007, our fangirling over this band was recent and we were incredibly psyched to see them live just months after discovering them. In true Cheep and Snail fashion we got to the venue way too early, early enough to see Spencer sitting at the bar being interviewed by 'some chick.' At Warsaw there's a little lobby/restaurant at the entrance with tables and chairs, and that is where Cheep and myself were hanging, ogling at the interview, 'he looks uncomfortable,' 'he doesn't like doing these things' blah, blah, blah we went on.

After the interview was over, he sat there enjoying a drink by himself, but of course our eyes must have been piercing his neck with our lazer-cat vision because he turned around and stared at ME in the eyes. In a matter of seconds I fell back on my chair, really really hard... if the chair hadn't been there I would have probably injured myself against the wall that held me when falling with my mouth in a gasp. Cheep took control and while still standing stared back at him and he looked away.

"Well you lost that stare contest," Cheep said as I hyperventilated out of his sight. We then proceeded to have a laugh attack like 16-year-olds.

Our unrecognizable little heads are going wild in the front row in this video for "I'll Believe In Anything". Our fangirldom for Wolf Parade still raging on 'til this day and we'll be catching them again this November at The Wellmont Theather. Woo!

Special note: We'd like to thank Mr. Davoud D. who let us use this photo for our anecdote. It would not have been the same without it! You can see this one and more of his awesome photography on his Flickr page.


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