Ratatat/DOM/Bobby Birdman @ Terminal 5 10.9.10

Ratatat (press still)
After a stuffing at Hummus Kitchen and trying REALLY hard to get to Terminal 5 after all the openers* we got there while Ratatat was one song or so into their set, our greatest fear come true!

Entering the floor we got blasted by steaming hot hot heat-- a side effect of the place being filled to capacity -- (this where I write a clever line comparing the hotness in the venue with the music's hotness BUT I WILL NOT!) we worked our way up to the less claustrophobic 3rd tier where we removed our coats to dance and peek in between heads to witness the awesome going on below.

This particular Saturday Mike Stroud and Evan Mast were the coolest dudes ever. On stage clouded by smoke and screens looping images of a rotating classic sculptures and a Beethoven(?) bust, parakeet motifs, their creepy music video for "Drugs" and other awesome things like lazers, they pumped through a lot of Classics and LP4 with bits of the other albums without saying much except "AYO!" and "Thank you" a few times.

Even though the volume was at about a 12 at T5, I felt like it needed to be louder which made me think "These dudes need to do arena shows!" Many indie bands don't translate well to such a large, less intimate setting but Ratatat have the guitar power of an old school arena rock band -- only they replace sucky power ballads with danceable electro-rawk grooves.

Music geekiness: Loved that instead of getting other peeps to cover their bases live, they had a set up that allowed them to easily rotate about and go from gultar/bass to keyboard to drums whenever necessary.

Also I think it was Mike who did the crabcore guitar pose which reminded me of the gif below and made me laugh.

The characters at this show were mostly on the majorly entertaining scale. While Snail and I stood up, I was in back of this girl with the most amazing smelling hair and when she whipped it around it was intoxicating. Snail unfortunately just had some dude talking shit to his friend who was most likely the fan out of the two.

After Snail left my side to sit and I already had my danceathons to faves "Wildcat" and "Lex," I joined her and we chair danced like nuts and observed the other people on our tier for the rest of the night. The main attraction was a group of friends with individual unique dancing styles. We didn't make fun because there's a fine line between dancing to the beat of your own drummer and dancing to a beat that's no where to be heard in the room. They were doing the first and we loved watching them.

There was also this kid that kept running around the tier and dancing. When he got tired he would randomly sit next to us and then get up and do it again. By the time I vowed to blow his mind and scare him by dancing with him when he came back, he just joined the aforementioned group of dancers, womp womp!

After the hour and half set we chilled on the leather couch until the people left the steeple, I committed a petty crime and we got home before midnight! We're old ladies.

For more on this show and some crappy pics of Ratatat check out the Village Voice.
*We always try to get to shows late when we're not interested in the opening bands but always get there eariler than anticipated.


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