Gorillaz/N.E.R.D. @ Madison Square Garden 10.8.10

Friday night and the mood was right for some Gorillaz at MSG.

We hate the venue but must admit our seats were not as nosebleed-inducing than previously thought. This wouldn't've been so bad if the "dancing" stiff and her drunk boyfriend weren't whispering sweet nothings to each other throughout 90% of the show and blocking our view.


We missed N.E.R.D. but what we did get to see was the spectacle of fun we expected from Gorillaz. Damon Albarn was jumping around everywhere and hugging and kissing people as their music videos and other animations filled the screen above the color-alternating "GORILLAZ" sign. We aww-ed like nuts because let's face it, 2D and Noodle are super duper adorable especially blown up on a screen a few hundred times! Jamie Hewlett is a genius artist.

*Miho Hatori aka the original Noodle in human form getting on stage for "19/2000" = cuteness.

*"Tomorrow Comes Today" The one jam I was hoping to hear and I got it, escore!

*A raisiny Lou Reed coming out of the depths of the East Village up to midtown to play and sing on "Some Kind of Nature." He got booed for a little bit presumably for allegedly being a meanie to Susan Boyle (maybe he really wasn't) . Thank you, you curmudgeony old goat, we love you!

*Mos Def came out and did his thing not only on the obvious "Stylo" but to perform the less obvious and super fun to get down to Snail jam "Sweepstakes." He came out with a purple cape to perform the latter, BALLER!

*Dancing slutty and laughing to "Glitter Freeze" thus making the executive decision to add it to our ultimate stripper playlist.

*Making fun of Ms. Stiffy McStifferson's moves.

*Swooning over Damon Albarn.

*Dreaming of being caught in a Damon/Jamie sandwich <--- this is no different than any other day of our lives, though.

With all the cameos happening throughout the night including De La Soul, Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon and Bobby Womack, it was just a giant party on stage that we wish we were hell of a lot closer to! But alas, such is life at an arena show when you can't afford $500 dollar VIP Tickets with a limited edition Flip camera with ROBOT NOODLE ON IT!!! We're not mad, it was happy times!

Check out the setlist and more pics via BrooklynVegan


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