Four Tet, Nathan Fake @ (le) poisson rouge 2.17.10

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet & Nathan Fake (press photos)

Last week we saw these two English electronic music masters at one of our least favorite venues where we had to deal with some major duality: the awesomeness going on onstage and the pathetic war zone of being in front row center with obnoxious concertgoers lacking concert etiquette.

Some guy who twiddled knobs for about 10 minutes opened the show. He looked super into it but it started to get a bit redundant. Things started to get interesting (i.e. awesomely creepy) when he started to channel 2001: A Space Odyssey’s monolith with this loud reverb sound. We geek-freaked of course and then he just finished and left us hanging haha.

In between sets as it began to get tighter we griped about the annoying things going on around us hoping it wouldn’t get any worse (it did). We switched our focus to he adorableness that is Nathan Fake who dazzled us with his bleeps and bloops. We hadn’t listened to him prior to the show so it was pleasant to just love the shit out of an opener right off the bat. It was banger after banger and the longer he played the more we fell in love. We just love our minimalists! The set was comprised mostly (if not all) of songs from his most recent mini-album Hard Islands (Border Community) which rules from top to bottom. We’re hoping in the near future he opens for Modeselektor in NYC! *crosses fingers*

This set was flawless but the experience was tainted by the first of many a retarded incident: Tall Guy with Puffy Coat. Though it sounds fine all by itself, when its standing in the front row squeezing Snail out of her spot, it’s not so cute. I told the dude a thing or two, the way he responded to me seemed like he wasn’t going to move but I guess he felt guilty and before Nathan finished he let her move in front of him. This would only be the battle we would win tonight.

We were left a bit sad again at the end of Nathan Fake’s delicious set but he just geared our fangirl-selves up for the main course, Kieran Hedben aka Four Tet aka one of our links to Thom Yorke haha. He kicked off the set with “Angel Echoes” the opening track from our favorite album of the year-so far There Is Love In You which followed with the rest of the album and some oldies thrown in. Honestly, we were so pissed due to drunken youths acting a fool (Cheep got her ass grabbed by an Asian girl talking shit language) that we couldn’t enjoy Four Tet’s set as it should be. He was very awesome and blew our minds when he was making beats via what we believe is an iPhone *BOOSH* but no matter how hard we tried to keep our happy bubble up and ignore the crap, it was too much and we got the hell out of there.

After hanging round the merch booth and purchasing some albums, we enjoyed the encore from TV screens in the second bar area and escaped before the wolves were released and cabbed it —albeit very very pissed that a magical show was tainted by an idioteque first few rows — to 42nd and headed home. The anger lingered into the next morning but was quickly soothed once we listened to the guys.

We wish we could’ve at least hugged our boys in appreciation after the show but there will be another time for such sweet things. No more front and center for us, though, we’re getting too old for this shit.


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