Depeche Mode @ Madison Square Garden 08.04.09

Photo by w!L

Still not quite believing Depeche Mode happened in my life. Seems like something out of my imagination, maybe because we just waltzed inside Madison Square Garden without having to strategically plan our spots, breakfast and such antics as to when one is attending an outdoor festival. Their first show in the city was packed and Cheep and yours truly got to be there with two other great friends. We had a lateral view but managed to get closer due to empty seats (and weak security).

The whole thing was amazing, Dave Gahan’s moves made us feel wrong inside, and I kept thinking about how he must feel… just one person feeding off so much energy from such a huge crowd all thinking about him. However, other than the obvious thrill of hearing some of my favorite songs live I was mostly floored by the following poem by Persian poet Hafiz, which was displayed in the huge screens during “Precious,” I particularly find the line breaks brilliant. A few days after the show, I had the urge to go investigate more about Hafiz and found “The Gift” at a Barnes & Noble near work. As corny as it may sound, this book is the biggest gift from attending Depeche, the following poem is just one of the many gems inside that book translated by Daniel Ladinsky after Hafiz appeared to him in a dream and told him to do so, you just can’t ignore such an order now, can you?

If you wish, read the full poem here.


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