The Flaming Lips/Stardeath & White Dwarfs @ The Wellmont Theater 4.19.10

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On this chilly April afternoon we arrived at the Wellmont to see super freak Lips fans, some dressed up in costumes others not, gearing up for the most enchanting rock show known to man.

On our way to a store to buy snacks before hitting the line, we got to hear a bit of soundcheck and that got us pretty pee-in-our pants pumped about the whole deal. When we got in line officially, Steven Drozd came out and chatted up with the super freaks. My nerves got the best of me, though, I mustered up the courage too late and never got to talk/hug to the love of my life. Already the day had been tainted with regret. Everyone from the band came out to the line next to which their tour bus was conveniently parked and chatted up with anyone who wanted to talk to them.

After 2-3 hours of waiting, we got in FIRST ROW faces lit up like Christmas as we saw the stage setup, particularly Wayne Coyne's giant hands. WE WERE FINALLY HERE! I was very antsy and thinking a lot. I wanted the show to start, hoped Stardeath and White Dwarfs were awesome (they were).

Snail and I talked about I hope they didn’t pick people at random to dance on stage with the Flaming Lips because I hated being up there. Then the band's awesome roadie offered us passes to dance on stage. Neither of us are the kind of ladies who would ask for a pass to dance up there. Not that there is anything wrong with those who do, but it is not our personality. We like to be on the sidelines, going insane, inward but never on the center of all the attention. In the spirit of letting it out in oh-ten and no regret, we caved, took the passes and dancers we were to become after Stardeath's set.

Soon enough we joined the other lucky fans backstage put orange costumes on over our clothes, had a small pow-wow about the do's and don'ts of dancing with the Lips onstage. While I was waiting to use the toilet saw their dressing room, heard Wayne exclaim "Son of a bitch!" and saw Michael Ivins coming in and out. After Wayne gave us a pep talk everyone was pumped and we marched to stage left with other ladies, some of which were seasoned dancers already and other newbies and besties like us, and danced our buns off all night!

Although at first we were nervous, all that melted into overwhelming inexplicable happiness. Being onstage was exhilarating. Seeing the crowd's reaction to the band was surreal. There is no explanation. The experience is very different than being in the crowd. You don't hear everything as awesome but you get to see people's faces including our Morrissey's permasmile, and just feel collective joy in a whole other way.

The evening was completely ridiculous. Wayne rolling out in his bubble, giant balloons, ashit ton of confetti! All I thought was "This is really happening!" Me and Snail were on stage with the Flaming Lips the first time we're seeing them, WHAAAAT?! The baby-so-happy-it-looks-like-its-going-to-explode kind of excitement we were feeling was so that we hugged during mid-set.

We were on the verge of tearing from happiness the whole show. My time came during "Do You Realize?" I couldn't even sing the song I was so choked up. Snail almost cried when Wayne made everyone hold up their peace signs. Now that we know that a "mudra" or hand gesture has incredible power, it was easy to look past the cheesy connotation it’s been given. It felt as if we were all accomplices sending love out into the world!

Other highlights included: Snail squealing "OMG I love you" to Steven and Wayne as we exited the stage plus a "Thank You" from Steven and my nose getting skimmed by Steven every time he walked backstage, le sigh! haha.

At the end we got some trippy shirts and got to meet and hug Wayne super tight. He was as kind and as beautiful a person as always. Facts is facts: Wayne Coyne is the purest being in rock n' roll. He talks to his fans like he has known them his whole life and THANKS them for being freaks along with him. FUCK YEAH FOREVER!

The bliss felt during Flaming Lips shows needs to be experienced for there is nothing like it in music. At their show, you feel like you can do anything! You're just surrounded by the truth: love, positivity and that childhood wonder that's sanded away by conditioning. No fear, no judgment, no violence NO EGO just a bunch of happy hippie-hearted people rocking out like nuts. I was pretty stoked to be part of it all with some of my best friends.

Setlist + quality pics at BrooklynVegan


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