Murder by Death/Ha Ha Tonka @ Bowery Ballroom 5.4.10

Murder by Death (press still)
Like Every Time I Die last year, this is another show I "dragged" Snail to. I hadn't seen Murder by Death pretty much since Jackie moved about 2004-5ish mostly because I hadn't warmed up to the two albums after Who Will Survive... until last year. They're probably one of the bands I've seen the most live and I missed them. I needed to see Sarah working that cello like its her job and I had to swoon over Adam's every move.

Snail was pretty adamant about missing openers Ha Ha Tonka and i didn't care about them either so we ate dinner and stayed away from Bowery Ballroom as long as possible after doors but still managed to get there RIGHT WHEN THEY WENT ON. They made us feel like we were at a country bar complete with random woman stomping her drunken little heart out in her very own private hoedown. In this case, it was not a good feeling. at all.

After this boring earache, my babies came on stage and all was right with the night. It felt so refreshing to see them after such a long time I even sighed.

The first half of the set was riddled with songs from the new one Good Morning, Magpie. I'm glad though because I only really like one of the bunch they played. Then the rest of the set consisted of a mix from Who Will Survive and Who Will be Left of Them, In Bocca Al Lupo and Red of Tooth and Nail. No Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing. at all. I was a bit saddened. They left me yearning for anything from that album and "Theme (for Ennio Morricone)" but its alright, I got my fill.

That night I just wanted drink a bunch of whiskey and sing the songs I love obnoxiously loud. Didn't do any of the first part but a lot of the second haha. I even got shiver down my spine during "Ash" and "End of the Line". Adam's voice just tapped my bottom my like so! But seriously, it's the combo of his voice and the narrative that blow my mind. Mr. Turla's old timey legends of zombies and revenge make MBD for me...and Sarah's everything.

All was awesome and now, after all is said and done I'm craving that (figurative) whiskey soaked sing-a-long once again.


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