Liars/Fol Chen @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 4.18.10

Liars via The Owl Mag
For a Sunday night, Williamsburg was suspiciously happening. People already drunk and wandering by 6pm, ah life in the big city.

After arriving early from a nice dinner at Bite with some good friends, the Terrible Three walked through the hipster-filled Bedford Ave. to kill time before the show. The cold night made us call it quits so we headed to the venue and were one of the first ones there, as usual.  Our early-bird syndrome resulted in us snagging primo mosh-safe area by the rails. Liars' shows are usually fucking crazy, being on the floor may have equaled us getting squished...potentially losing shoes or limbs so we were stoked on these spots.

LA band Fol Chen opened. They're the kind of band that sounds better live than on record. Unfortunately, their singer ruins the band like that one guy from Silversun Pickups ruins them.
When Liars came out, as predicted, people got pumped and became progressively moshy. We admired the madness comfortably rocking out from the sidelines. That is, when we weren’t swooning over the band on stage.

Singer Angus Andrew was endearingly tall and awkward, dancing and contorting and pumping the crazies up. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Hemphill so unassuming, who knew such pawnk rockness would exude from such pleated khakis? haha. My love for drummer Julian Gross blossomed just watching that man fast!

The set, though badass, was less than two hours and left us hungry for more. They played mostly tracks from Sisterworld, including favorites "Scissor" and "No Barrier Fun." I was bummed they didn't sneak "Mr. You're On Fire, Mr." in but it's understandable since it sounds like nothing they've released since.
Since we don’t listen to the band on the regular, we were worried about not having as much fun at this gig. I don’t necessary know all the lyrics and Snail thought she never assimilated anything any of the times she listened to them (she had). All that worrying was for nothing because it ruled hard all the same. Like Snail said, anyone who loves music as hard as we do could have loved that show even if it was their first time listening to them. Yes, it ruled that hard. It ruled so hard we want to do it again, and again and again.

The band recorded this show for a live album you can purchase here.
Watch more videos from the show here


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