Moonface/Flow Child @ Mercury Lounge 7.20.11

On this Wednesday night we revisited two of our favorite places in LES after a very long time: Teany for dinner and Mercury Lounge to see Moonface. We were welcomed into the venue to the beat of SBTRKT and danced to "Pharaohs" making up for its absence in his PS 1 set. I kept dancing funny to make Snail laugh really hard but I had to contain myself, as badly as I wanted to make her laugh I DID NOT want her to pee herself so I held back.

She lucked out because my dances did not match opener Flow Child's tune. This dude, who resembled Grizzly Bear Chris Taylor's little brother, tweaked knobs to create weird whimsy beats that reminded us of Animal Collective and scenes of candy colored fantasy creatures like pink hippos and rainbow-haired polycorns at times -- all in an old bata that had another life as a v-neck that turned into a crewneck and then a frayed boatneck. After his set, the venue's mystery mixmaster played "My Girls" and validated our keen ears.

I continued to clown out and kill Snail. A nice young man from Arkansas named Eli turned around to speak to us, curious about our raucousness. We discussed Flow Child's bata situation and I fell in love with his T-shirt. On the back it said, in German and Helvetica font "Bier trinkt man nicht nur zum Frühstück" (roughly "beer is not only for breakfast.")  He was surprised we didn't make incest jokes since he was from Arkansas. Who the fuck does that shit? A bunch a people he met in New York so far apparently. "You've been talking to a lot dicks" Snail said. "I guess so," Eli replied. And so we talked about his stay in NYC, he compared it to living in Berlin and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of my own impending dream of living in Germany's capital city.

Spencer Krug and Mike Bigelow had a similar effect on all of the crowd who cheered the duo on as they climbed on the stage. Before going all in on the whole of Moonface's freshly released Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped, Spencer forewarned his organ was broken and joked if they fucked up and the show had to stop we were all going to get in their October show for free. In usual form, Krug played every song as if it was his last. His hair gone wild in fan wind and fingers undulating on the keys, he danced, no stool in his way this time, just the music moving him like a tuning fork that occasionally dips and shakes his hips. Mike wasn't far behind beating those electric drums with his whole body, working himself into a massive sweat.

They ended it all with non-encore Swan Lake's "All Fires" which Spencer prefaced with another funny comment, "This is our last song, so we can all get out of here...its Wednesday, we can all go home and watch movies on our laptops." The song caused a fanboy next to us to go into a nervous, excited frenzy. We saw him singing all the words to the songs earlier and concluded it was a privilege to finally stand next someone who outdid our frenzied fandom.

The venue played us out with some DJ Shadow. I stole a poster of the show as a keepsake and we were sad we didn't have any money for the Organ Music... vinyl or tour poster. Snail, being her Honest Abe self asked a security guard if she could take the other Moonface poster that was up and in that instant this drugged up fatty snatched it. We could've easily tripped him and stole it from him, but we had committed enough petty crimes for the night.

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