Moonface/Matteah Baim @ Envelope 05.06.11

Friday night we rode to L to the Jefferson stop to see Spencer Krug as Moonface. We've declared our love for the man and his music plenty of times here, so to attempt to describe how happy we were to see him in a 65-person capacity space is a bit challenging. Let's just say it was sickening.

The fourth-floor candle-lit apartment boasted a warm --it was quite tropical in there-- and relaxed atmosphere that made this event feel more more like party in some friend's living room --giant cat portrait painting included-- than a concert. It was as though we were invited to check out what they were working on lately, like good old friends, mad casual.

The show opened with a quick set of Matteah Baim's beautiful haunting folk songs. After a short sound check, it was on to Moonface's first show ever. There was no Dreamland EP to be heard but plenty of marimba and shit drums via band mate Mike Bigelow on rad new songs nobody had heard before including the hilariously titled "Shithawk." A slender Spencer did his thing looking like a mad scientist, whipping his long hair about and stomping on the ground behind all those buttons on his "golden pipes" and synthesizers.

It was great to see Spencer thriving in this intimate setting. He seemed more playful than usual in between songs, joking around "seriously, guys, if you could just crawl up here one by one and see there's just so many buttons" and "doot-dooting" while playing with his globe tap lamp in between raising his glass to cheer with us. Serious appreciation also goes to Mike who killed it on the percussion end, holding his own complimenting Krug's brilliance. When we weren't dancing to the new downright crazy electro beats and trying not to pass out in the heat, we spent the show eyes darting between their hypnotizing cohesive energy.

Then to our awesome surprise, Sunset Rubdown's Camilla Wynne Ingr crawled on stage to sing a couple of songs, concluding with Swan Lake's "All Fires," during which she slugged sips from a bottle of Jameson at the instrumental parts and poked fun at Spencer for covering his own song. Needless to say, she's our kind of lady, and obviously the entire room's because as soon as she got off the stage she was surrounded by many a person telling her, "you are so cool."

Though everyone stuck around post show to finish their fancy drinks or get a chance to talk to the band or just not to waste the rest of a perfectly good Friday, ousted by the heat and habit we went home along in our usual haze of gratitude and feeling like what just happened was one great incredible dream. A wonderful Spring evening indeed.

Spencer said the new album should be out around August!


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