Warpaint/PVT/Family Band @ Bowery Ballroom 3.31.11

After a massive charging up of the vegan persuasion at Wild Ginger in Little Italy, we electrified Bowery Ballroom with our booty go-rounds for Warpaint, PVT and Family Band.

After a Grizzly Bear caught our eye at the bar, we enjoyed an awesome time during Family Band. The Brooklyn-based group led by husband and wife singer Kim Krans and guitarist Jonny Ollsin played their brand of intense mood rock that made us want to kick ourselves for dismissing them the last time they opened for Warpaint.

This great start to the night got us even more pumped to see PVT -- the Aussies formerly known as Pivot and still known as such in our brains-- again. We hadn't seen these guys since they killed us softly with their bleeps and bloops at Glasslands in '09, this was long overdue. A bit of worry lurked in the back of our minds since we weren't well-acquainted with the new album, Church with No Magic but on the contrary, the set was great, major p-control loss experienced, despite being restricted to tracks off Church... and nothing from their amazing first LP, O Soundtrack My Heart. According to synth wizard Dave Miller, who we accosted after the show, they were going to play a one oldie but time ran out. Guess we have to wait until these guys are headlining gigs to get the obscure jams, haha.
As time came closer for the L.A, ladies to hit the stage, people in a crowd started to get a bit unruly, many a peep hungry from a close up glimpse of the band. For a second we thought the bit of room we had to bust a move was going to be gone due to the madness, but the universe had other things in mind. By the time the ladies hit the stage we shifted about, put all disturbances aside and did our booty rolls, accordingly.

Warpaint live the second time around was not much different from December's show with a few exceptions: we got Theresa on drums and Stella guitar on opener "Set Your Arms Down," Snail's ability to keep composure (no pun!) lowered 80% from the last show, "Elephants" was the lone encore and "Burgundy" was sacrificed for the very gorgeous "Billie Holiday." This is where Snail and I put our arms around each other and swayed as we sang. We couldn't help it, this band just fills us with overwhelming love! That's what they do, the Warpaint, warm our hearts to the core.

All fuzzy inside we exited knowing that 1) Warpaint is a band we can not miss live EVER  and 2) I had the guts to talk to a PVT and will not being dying an old man filled with regret as of yet. That's Numberwang!


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