Handsome Furs/The Cinnamon Band @ The Bell House 04.14.11

Our night with the Handsome Furs could be described simply as concert nirvana. Everything in its right place. Nothing gone wrong. A night of magnificent firsts.

Despite being fans of the Furs for a long time, we hadn't been able to catch them live. Maybe it was because we had to wait until the perfect things aligned to make it a truly memorable show. It was our first show ever at The Bell House in Brooklyn and everyone from the bouncer to the bartenders and merch people were the kindest. We even snatched some essentials from the Village Voice newsletter reps (chapstick, earplugs, a pen and a koozie!). In impromptu fashion we decided to knock back a few beers, to (maybe?) keep us under control in the presence of Dan and Alexei, the coolest couple since Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, according to Cheep.

The Cinnamon Band, who had to fill in for Grimes at the last minute, did a great job with their set and we swayed in the back until the Furs came out and we made our way forward. We quickly befriended with a girl in front of us and when Alexei popped out for a quick gear check we did something we're usually against. Yelling stuff. It was all so laid back, it seemed alright, they kept talking to us and laughing. She kept holding her heart, mad grateful.

Honestly, this band is pure fucking love. You are in their presence and feel just how happy they are to be doing this, and in turn all they get is love and good vibes from everyone around. Not since dancing with The Flaming Lips  or going insane at Buraka Som Sistema, were we surrounded by such cool peeps who were there for the music, booty shaking and managed to have a good time without losing their humanity. Everyone was in the moment, but it stemmed from them being in the moment. After an amazing set which included newbie "What About Us" and one badass encore, the show was over. Like all incredible things, way too fast.

We hung around grinning like fools, ready to talk with Alexei who smelled like a magical ball of sweat, perfume and cigarettes. We hugged repeatedly. She broke into her Spanish like it was no thing with us after recognizing our Latinoness. Mi padre es cubano, she said. She agreed that her and Dan are like -- if not better than -- Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. She kissed and hugged us again, real hugs and real kisses the kind you lean into all the way. Yes, gushing love is all this recap is getting and a big thank you to the universe for the best night out at a show in forever. Fuck. Yes.


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