Wild Nothing/Abe Vigoda/Minks @ Bowery Ballroom 2.13.11

My first show of the year, I went alone to see Abe Vigoda at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night. I have no idea if it was hotness withdrawal from being in Dominican Republic where the only p-control loss I experienced was while watching TV but Bowery was burning up that night. An astonishing array of old timey mustaches also made quite an impression. Oh yeah, and so did some pretty cool bands.

Opening band MINKS was pretty good. Strummy post-punk/new wave band had my attention but after a while all the songs started to sound the same. I'm still not sure if that's a bad thing or not.

As per usual, going to shows alone is boring particularly in between bands. Usually there's at least one person to talk to but not this time. The crowd was filled with hot unavailable men and BFFs unwilling to let anyone into their inside jokes and/or annoying the shit out of me (now I know what Snail & I put strangers through).

Before Age Vigoda went on I realized the guy from the couple next to me looked like a bizarro version of the band's drummer Dane Chadwick, instead of baby faced, adorable and a little awkward this dude was sexy and clean-cut. It was the best kind of creepy I've ever experienced.

By 10pm my LA boys were kicking out their brand of danceable, sometimes 80s flavored punky jams, including my favorite tracks "Throwing Shade," "Skeletons," and "Sequins." I danced much during these delightful 45 minutes or so but not as hard as anticipated due to my semi-low spirits. Dancing in public is never as fun without Snail. Co-dependency sucks. I did more than most of the crowd -- from what I could see 90% of people were just standing there -- oh well.

In other news, I had my eyes glued on bassist Dave Reichardt for most of the set. His playing's sick, I want to live in those basslines andihappentohavegiantcrushonhimpleasedon'tbegay. We made eye contact a few times, I know it -_- unless he was looking at bizarro Dane's bizarro hotness.
Abe Vigoda: super adorable, super fun. I want to do it again, with my buddy, thx.

When the fun ended I became bored again and after assessing that I didn't know any Wild Nothing songs and wasn't in the mood to get something new around a bunch of super fans, I walked out of Bowery Ballroom -- Charlie Brown sadness music playing me out -- and homeward, vowing I would never go to a show aloney again . This is complete bullshit, I will do it again. Nothing can stop me from seeing a show if I can help it, my love for bands is more powerful than any feelings of boredom and loneliness! Just have to deal with it, I suppose.


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