Scissor Sisters @ Wellmont Theater 2.18.11

Scissor Sisters (photo by Dana Yavin)

A week and change ago we initiated the Cheep & Snail concert calendar with the hottest ticket in town that Friday night, Scissor Sisters at the Wellmont. The closest thing we've ever gotten to going dancing on a Friday night went down first with some of opening DJ Sammy Jo's choice cuts and later with the well-oiled fabulosity machine that is the Scissor Sisters.

Unlike last summer's Terminal 5 gig, Snail and I were close enough to count Jake Shears' chest hairs and ab squares. The void left from no "Sex and Violence" again and no dirty money confetti to catch was filled by a new jawdroppingly artful backdrop and our great spots upfront so nothing was lost, our lovely Sisters brought the glamour and sex with hot jams from Night Work and beyond with fierce energy anyhow.  Reveling in all this high voltage fun and the many flavors of homo sapien representing -- including lesbians, balding bears, twink-hungry queens looking to get a piece of a lone adorable, innocent Norwegian student and some drunken obnoxiousness -- we danced and danced and swooned and danced.  Needless to say everyone got wet, so much so that one gay boy had to send his sweaty sequin muscle tanks to the dry cleaners he danced so hard, easily a sign of a great Friday night.

More pics from the sexy party at BrooklynVegan


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