The Radio Dept./Braids @ Bowery Ballroom 12.01.10

Our three-day concert rendezvous began on Wednesday night with The Radio Dept. at Bowery Ballroom. Cheep and I had been away from each other due to Thanksgiving business so our excitement to reunite was over the top! We got to Bowery five minutes after The Radio Dept. started their set --it seems like we either get to shows too early or mid first song a lá Ratatat. Oh, well...

An unexpected tackled-to-the-ground incident at the Delancey subway stop left our hearts racing and minds confused, so it took us a little while to calm our innards and grasp that we were at the show. Regardless, soon enough, we were swaying to the dreamy guitar work of the Swedish dudes, who we believe perfectly illustrate that some bands are a product of their environment (like Tame Impala).  The Radio Dept. sound like a marshmallow floating on your hot chocolate as a snowflake falls on the ground on a perfect winter evening.

Our only complaint is how quickly the set swooshed by, just like listening to their albums, you are left wanting more.  At home we can loop the records but live we didn't even get an encore. What up with that, boys?

- It was a sadness to be heading home before midnight without listening to "It's Personal." But a joy to get "The Worst Taste in Music."

- Two heartbreaks: Not to get their sweatshirt calling our names from the merch table. Mourning the loss of Cheep's favorite little black cardigan which was snatched away at some point.

- A surprise? We found a couple's PDA cute, instead of gross, this music is perfectly appropriate for make-out sessions.

Here's hoping that tomorrow Williamsburg treats us a lot better than Manhattan did tonight. Dear Universe, no more Liz-Lemon-gets-spit-in-her-mouth-by-a-homeless-moments, please.


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