Caribou/Emeralds/Arp @ Webster Hall 9.22.10

Caribou ripping it up

C&S kicked off this month’s series of concerts dancing our souls away at Caribou on Wednesday.

After a dronefest via Arp and Emerald’s sad wizard rock session, we were treated to Dan Snaith and co.’s splendid range of psychedelic rock outs and electronic bangers, all amped up to 5000.

They opened with “Kaili” which got loud by the time it was too late (soundguy, we’re looking at you!) and killed us with serious movement-inducing, drumtastic album spanning tracks, mostly from the lastest LP Swim. Drummer Brad Weber, ripped it up so hard we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Dear Drummah, thanks for high-fiving us. Have you ever considered being a part-time competitive drummer? You’ve got just the right amount of awesome to win such contests. Love, Cheep & Snail.

For a while it seemed the only people grooving along with us were the people in the middle and the dude to our left but when “Odessa” started bumping its like the whole venue woke up. It was the perfect prep for the encore where everybody got down like it was the last dance on earth.

For a hour and 15 minutes we twirled in amidst sweet sounds and band crushin’ (Raincoat a.k.a Ryan Smith, now we’re looking at you.) This show is yet another giant sigh to add to 2010’s list of greatness.


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