Scissor Sisters/Casey Spooner @ Terminal 5 8.24.10

Scissor Sisters' gran finale

After letting the dancey and sexiness of the Scissor Sisters’ great new album Night Work seep in, nearly a month later we can chronicle the fun that was their show at Terminal 5.

The first of two homecoming shows, The Sisters were surrounded by family, friends and fellow sisters of all ages, shapes, levels of receding hairlines and sizes. Honestly one the most age diverse shows we’ve been to this year. With this special familial energy about, the Scissor Sisters brought the sex, the sass and fun with a special twinkle in their eyes and a-pitter-patter of their hearts.

Opener Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner fame was adorable. In his gray three-piece suit and only his mic and back track as company in a white spotlight, he sang songs about cinnamon toast and wanting to get invited to a party but not actually going and sitting home watching True Blood. He bought us for sure with the latter, because that’s us in a nutshell haha. His singing remind me of Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys, loved him.

The Scissor Sisters came on stage ready to work it.

They opened with “Night Work”, playing the bulk of the new album with the exception (sadly) of “Sex and Violence”. There was also a good mix from their last two LPs including major crowd pleasers “Laura” “Tits On the Radio” “Comfortably Numb” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.” The tail end of the set included a version of “Invisible Light” so pumped up that makes the album version feel inadequate. I can’t say the same about the “Flithy/Gorgeous” more rocked out reboot because I think its bleh compared the original.

We got blown away by the lazers lights and confetti money. The photograph above by Snail completely compasses the good ass time we all were having. Even though there could have been more crowd dancing, the concert was “Night Life” personified.

It may have been almost a month ago but Scissor Sisters are the kind of group that sticks to your ribs, fabulously, making this grand party including Jake’s sexy ass, Miss Ana’s beauty and charming interludes and a shy Del Marquis with his lacquered PVC pants a sight we’ll continue to see in our minds eye til the end of our days! Or until we see them again :)


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