Death Cab for Cutie/Frightened Rabbit @ Williamsburg Waterfront 8.2.11

Photo by Dominick Mastrangelo via BrooklynVegan

It seems when we see bands at Williamsburg Waterfront together there's always an ever-present pleasantness. On this particular day we came to this riverside park on one of the most beautiful days of the season to see Death Cab for Cutie and, like with Belle and Sebastian before them, experience some of the most delightful sounds our ears have ever encountered in the fresh, open air.

We missed most of openers Frightened Rabbit's performance and sat on the grass trying to fight our food baby induced itis for their last two or three songs. This was a fail, the little we could hear and the river breeze did nothing but make us want to take a nicely soundtracked nap. Though we stood up to find a good place to stand and once we were settled the wind continued to seduce us. Our excitement gave that noise the hand, however, in the name of no defeat!

The guys sealed that deal with the opening bassline of "I Will Posess Your Heart." Easily one of the best --and longest -- song intros of all time initiated an instant widening of the eyes and perking of the ears. This is how it was all night: Mindblowing basslines and smiles as we watched the band rocking out and making the best of the giant stage that years of paid dues and record sales have awarded them.

Listening to DCFC's albums, you'd think their shows would be a stage full of shy shoegazers playing these sad songs to a group of sobbing sallies but on the contrary. Working through a batch of oldies and the best of Codes and Keys, Ben Gibbard (aka Benjamin Gibblets) exemplified the antithesis to his deceptively happy-sounding songs swinging his weightless hair about, twirling from mic to piano, swinging his guitar on and off, and back again -- stopping occasionally for bits of banter and to admire the skyline behind us, from sunset to crescent moon nestled in the night sky.

The 20-song set came to a close with a meaty four track encore, beginning with the amazing "Home is a Fire" and punctuated by Gibblets playing drums on "Transalanticism." The night was free of tearjerkers like "Stability" or "Someday You Will Be Loved," thankfully, but could've used "Information Travels Faster," a mutual fave. Snail got to it during their downer-heavy Sasquatch! set and it would've been nice for us to share that greatness but, alas, it was not meant to be.

The night overall, however, was so. Our ears cozy with post-concert fuzz and warmth in our hearts courtesy of Gibblets and company. A pleasant feeling that lingered for days, kept alive by marathon plays of their songs.

Take a look at the complete setlist and pics at BrooklynVegan 


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