Modeselektor/Falty DL @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 9.26.10

Modeselektor always keeps it fresh.

The Cheep and the Snail have seen the German producers 4 times and each time has been a different kind of party.

We walked into a techno trip out about 10pm with FaltyDL behind the laptop. We assumed our positions on the balcony and looked for characters in the crowd. There were your basic dysrhythmic dancers that garnered a giggle or two but not one topped our darling hand twirler Sweatpants. To our sadness he did not make it to this shindig as far as our eyes could see. So our only entertainment proved to be Falty's twitchy arm freak-outs during specific beat drops and break downs. Who says DJs are boring to watch?

The kings of entertaining on stage DJ antics, the Modeselektors, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, did a smooth switcheroo with Falty to the cheers of adoring fans and started the show that would go down in Cheep & Snail concert-going history.

We've had the privilege to hear at least one of our top Modeselektor jams at every show. This show blew past every last one.

We were back at our favorite sound palace in Brooklyn, Music Hall of Williamsburg where they played staple tracks including "Dark Side of the Sun" and "Black Block" and awesome remixes. As far as sprinkled optimum faves, we got our preferred booty-roll track "Godspeed" and their remix of Siriusmo's instant serotonin-inducer "Nights Off" again --  We tweeted at them earlier in the day to play the latter for us, we're not sure if it was in the setlist to begin with or if they did it for us haha but let's just roll with that last one.

The new-to-us-live songs were none other than the T-Bot Yorke sung "The White Flash" (video below) and my favorite mdslktr slow jam, "Edgar". They also cheated on Apparat and played Moderat's "A New Error" for us which was amazing (dur).

Pfadfinderei joined the duo live once again as VJs projecting their awesome animations as a backdrop to the hot beats. These artists are the best at what they do, no doubt, all their work is so clean. They compliment each other so well these Berliners! So much that "modeselektor" and "pfadfinderei" are synonymous to us now, it's hard to think of one without the other.

More magical moments included an instant love for Szary's bang, Gernot turning away from the table to exorcise some energy through the art of dance and having our hearts melted into ice cream soup as we watched Szary autograph signs left over from the Fantastic Nobodies stint on stage for about 20 minutes.

This was the Fantastic Nobodies least gruesome and least offensive appearance on stage with Modeselektor. The tall one that always comes out half naked pulled a Bob Dylan/INXS thing flipping though signs that said some profound things and some things that were not so, all in a pair of Underoos. Another dude was dressed as a pizza party table, balloons and all, and he spun the table around as he danced, it was ridiculous and silly and worth a chuckle. It was cute when Gernot joked that they weren't even playing "Hyper, Hyper" which was the usual cue for FN's stage entrance.

As usual, our favorite German DJs delivered the happy, the fun, the love and the good times. There was a tinge of sad since we didn't manage to get our hug this time around but not enough to put a damper on a couple hours of the kind of dance magic only Gernot and Szary are capable of. Sigh.

Watch more video from this show here.


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