The Flaming Lips/Oneida @ Central Park Summerstage 7.26.10

We spent the most perfect day of this summer on high watching the Flaming Lips, for the second time ever and this year, at Central Park.

The happenings:

-Watched our favorite film of the year Inception for the second time IMAX estyle  and ate Maoz for the first time prior to show.
-Got some primo spots where the sun and a big girl with too much make-up on killed our sight from one direction and Cooter and Thundercrotch's trailer trash sexual conduct killed it from another. Our ears also took a hit with annoying guy scratching a balloon for what felt like an hour.
-Oneida was cool but got monotonous after a while. The drummer was hot and had amazing energy.
-The smokers around us made Mozzy nauseous causing us to move back for the Lips. Moz felt bad for making us lose our good spots but really it was no biggie. We had our glory at our first FL show and now we could experience the show from yet another perspective.

We ended up standing in decent enough spots further back with decent enough people including older yuppie stoners and next to a sweet dude who was so super pumped to be there and his cute girlfriend. Overall, It was one of the best crowds we've experienced this year so far, just very happy people singing along to their favorite music.

Once again we were filled with overwhelming happiness. It was only natural for Wayne and Co. are pros at making people endlessly happy. Once again I couldn't sing "Do You Realize?!" because I was choked up so bad. Once again we felt grateful to be alive and as privileged to live near such a beautiful city and see amazing bands play live like it ain't no thing.


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