Recoil @ (le) poisson rouge 5.18.10

On a whim we went to see Recoil, ex-Depeche Mode genius Alan Wilder's side project-turned-main project at le poisson rouge.

I had never listened to the music before but it was Alan Wilder, the man who broke my heart when he left DM in 1995 after being my main object of affection since I first watched the "Enjoy the Silence" video on MTV when I was like 6, so I had to see him... and by association so did Snail, hehe.

The set was very droney and repetitive, darkwavey but we enjoyed. The best thing was when he played a good chunk of "Never Let Me Down" instrumental, reminding me why I truly loved this man: he's responsible for some epic beatmaking!

I was happy to live out my girlhood dream of seeing him in person. I didn't imagine he'd be battling the bloat (and winning) and NOT in DM by the time I saw him but better late and solo than nevar.


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